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 Cannabis Radio is the premier online/podcast radio destination for all things cannabis. If you are an activist, enthusiast, Canna-business owner, politician, or policymaker looking to keep your fingers on the pulse of what is important to all the major stakeholders of cannabis, then this is the radio network for you.

If you are a Cannabis PR agency or professional…

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Grow is a word frequently heard in this industry. Growing your business requires knowledge of the essential business practices specific to this industry. Cannabis Radio airs numerous shows that address the issues faced by individual states, as well as the national ones.

Cannabis Radio can be heard directly from our site and all of our original programming is distributed through the world’s largest podcast platforms including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Spotify, and TuneIn.

We have been in the podcasting business since 2004 in various industries and cannabis since 2014. Find out why smart brands are turning to podcasting as an answer to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google blocking or banning cannabis ads.

Curious how you can get involved?

Product Placement: $3500 (Placed in 1 Episode)

We can do product placement on any number of our top shows which usually comes in the form of a live read where the host mentions using or trying the product and some brief commentary on it.   

Run Of Network Ads: $3000 

These are 30-second Pre-Roll Audio Ads that run on all actively produced shows and on our entire back catalog. We have a lot of shows. 

Show Specific Advertising: TBD

We can tailor a specific type of campaign based on the type of customer. So if a CBD client is interested in being on just shows that are hemp or CBD related…we can set this up as well. Pricing depends on the number of shows and the targeting. 

Sponsoring An Interview: $597 – $997

In this option, our B2B clients like to add themselves to our production calendar to be interviewed on one of the network’s TOP shows. Pick 1 show and we’ll get you scheduled where we will feature you and your product or service. 

Event Sponsorship: $500 – $20,000

We currently have 2 events on the horizon that companies can sponsor. Both are currently meant to be 420 Celebrations in South Florida. If there is interest in the events, we would want to chat with you (the client) to see what is important to them and how we can help with our events.

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