Traveling with Delta-8 and CBD

By Daron Babin - September 15, 2021

As traveling resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers wanted to board the plane with their secret weapon in order to keep anxiety, muscle aches, and fatigue at bay while crossing...

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Can Delta 8 THC Stimulate Appetite?

By cbr - September 7, 2021

In this world full of stress, lack of appetite is a common problem for most individuals. It begins with skipping meals because of workload and ends in weight loss or...

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Top 5 Skills Every Burnaby Weed Vendor Should Have

By Daron Babin - September 3, 2021

The legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2018 marked a “gold rush” with many Canadians rushing to establish weed dispensaries. Fortunately, the burgeoning Canadian cannabis industry boomed into a billion-dollar...

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5 Ways Gluten Can Be Hidden in Your Food

By Daron Babin - September 2, 2021

You open your Instagram and get bombarded with celebrities sharing gluten-free recipes with their loyal followers. Your favorite celebrity has also fallen for this food trend and is now sharing...

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