Marijuana And Guns – Know Your Rights

By Daron Babin - August 19, 2020

Mike didn’t know what to do.  If he checked no so that he could purchase the firearm, he could face federal felony charges for falsely stating that he does not consume cannabis.  If he checked yes, then he would be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a gun or ammunition. He never realized that marijuana and guns were something he needed to consider if having a medical marijuana card.

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Congress Goes To Pot

By Daron Babin - May 2, 2016

Congress Goes To Pot In April 2016 the Congressman who drafted the legislation and was essential in implementing its passage attended the US High Times Cannabis Cup in California and...

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Medical Marijuana For Minors In Connecticut

By Zachary Babin - March 21, 2016

Medical Marijuana For Minors In Connecticut HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut lawmakers moved closer Monday toward allowing qualified patients under 18 to use medical marijuana, with many saying they were...

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