Josh Miller

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

Josh Miller – Co-Founder, Cannabis Commodities Exchange; Greene Consulting Group

After graduating from Louisiana State University, Josh joined Teach for America and taught two years in Baton Rouge, LA and also taught another year in Madrid, Spain. Witnessing the inequalities engrained in many educational systems, Josh reignited a desire to pursue a law degree.

During Josh’s third year of law school at the University of Arizona, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize cannabis for adult-use. Knowing the systematic inequities also surrounding cannabis prohibition, these historic acts convinced Josh of the opportunity for legitimate business and social justice within a burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Josh co-founded the Cannabis Commodities Exchange (CCX) and the Greene Consulting Group and has gained intimate experience in the cannabis industry.  With CCX, Josh and his team are servicing the cannabis industry by providing a transparent, online marketplace for legal cannabusinesses to buy and sell cannabis products at wholesale. With his team at the Greene Consulting Group, Josh has helped clients in Colorado, Washington, Illinois, and beyond to gain approval for their cannabis business licenses and the right to take part in this incredible industry.