Dr. Lola Ohonba aka Dr. O

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

Dr. Lola Ohonba is the founder and CEO of WCI HEALTH, an alternative health and wellness company; and WCI HEALTH UNIVERSITY (The Intersection of Psychedelics and Science Education for Caregivers). She’s also the Chief Clinical Science & Therapeutics officer at EntheoTech, a life Bioscience company based in Canada. Dr. O is a public speaker, clinical pharmacist with over 19 years of clinical experience, professor of cannabinoid medicine at John Patrick University, best-selling author of “A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis”; and the host of the podcast “Let’s Talk Plant Medicine: Cannabis, Psychedelics and Pharmaceutics.”

Dr. O graduated with honors from Texas Southern University with a major in biology and minor in chemistry (Cum Laude). She later attended Union University College of Pharmacy, Jackson, TN, where she obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She worked for several years as a staff pharmacist for Walgreens; and later transitioned to United Health Group as a clinical pharmacist in charge of prior authorization, appeals and grievances for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial clients.

Dr. O is a speaker specialized in medicinal herbs including cannabis and psychedelics. Some of her appearance includes Cannadelic Miami; Global Cannabis Intelligence (GCI) Conference; American Cannabis Nurse Association Conference; Sensi Magazine Events; MACE MEDIA Conference; CBD Health and Wellness; The Original CBD EXPO TOUR; Women in Plant Medicine Summit; Cannabis Public Policy Conference; and has been featured in many publications.

She is an advocate for social justice. As a black woman living with physical disability, she is passionate about the issues affecting the “forgotten” in our communities, with emphasis on the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Veterans, the disabled communities and other marginalized groups! She works with various organizations to give back not just to her community, but also women, men and children all over the World. Dr. O is a lifelong medicinal herb practitioner and user, deeply rooted in her indigenous heritage growing up in West Africa around the ancient cultures, practices & traditions that she’s proud to shine lights on at every opportunity.