Jimmy Nguyen

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

Jimmy is the co-founder of Psychedelic Passage, a concierge service that connects journeyers to vetted and qualified psychedelic facilitators with an emphasis on 1-on-1 microdosing programs as well as macrodose ceremonies. Psychedelic Passage aims to set a standard of service that protects the fundamental human right to intentional, ceremonial psychedelic use in order to create a safe and effective private use model that runs parallel to clinical, medical, and consumer models.

Jimmy’s life purpose is to transmute suffering into love, and to help individuals unlock their own inner healer, many of which effectively do so with intentional psychedelic use. He emphasizes the importance of the psychedelic container, which first and foremost honors the communion between the journeyer and the plant medicine/psychedelic substance. From there, his work includes implementing harm reduction practices that create layers of care for his clients. Ultimately, his work fosters safe, compassionate, non-judgmental support for his clients as they navigate the preparation, ceremony, and integration processes.

Jimmy also seeks to support psychedelic practitioners of various backgrounds and modalities, connecting those who practice with integrity to potential journeyers seeking support. One of Jimmy’s core beliefs is that healing with psychedelics should be available to everyone, regardless of the color of your skin or financial situation. And finally, Jimmy strives to be an advocate for plant medicines and psychedelic substances in a way that confronts potential colonization, gatekeeping, and inequalities of access in a rapidly evolving psychedelic frontier.

Nicholas Levich

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

I’m an entrepreneur turned men’s work facilitator & psychedelic guide. For years I built businesses while secretly deepening my spiritual practice behind closed doors. Over time, I realized that helping humans was more fulfilling than hitting growth goals, and I transitioned into the role of a healer and facilitator full time.


I’ve spent the last decade plus experimenting with psychedelic  plants, fungi, and synthetic substances in both recreational and ceremonial settings. After realizing the power of these medicines, I embarked on a 5 year apprenticeship under an ayahuascero and shamanic practitioner to develop the frameworks needed to serve others without projecting my own ego.


I come from the same line of spiritual teachers as Ram Dass and my approach includes elements from Hinduism, Buddhism, somatic experiencing, archetypal work, and input from Lakota tribes.


Once I had the direct experience of self-acceptance and unconditional  love that psychedelics can provide, I knew it was my calling to  facilitate this same type of healing experience for others.