Sponsor Opportunities for Election Night Television Broadcast

Sponsor Opportunities for Election Night Television Broadcast

By Daron Babin - October 7, 2016


#MJElectionNight is offering creative advertising packages that will offer huge visibility to an engaged audience and promote brand legitimacy to consumers, marijuana businesses, and industry stakeholders for the #MJElectionNight live broadcast event.

Pre-designed sponsor packages and partner opportunities are available and have been created to produce the largest amount of exposure at the lowest cost. However, custom packages are available as well. If you would like to discuss advertisement opportunities or are ready to become a sponsor, please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you today.

This is the time to make your business known to the nation. This is the time to promote to consumers and connect with investors. This is the time to take your business to the next level!

Highlighted #MJElectionNight Sponsors


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Broadcast Details

When: November 8th, 2016, 3p, PST

Where: Television, Radio, Online

Who: and Partners

What: Six Hour Live News Broadcast Focused Entirely on Marijuana Reform Results

One of the most sophisticated and balanced media events in the history of cannabis industry.


Audience Reach

Full event streaming on and Facebook Live

Broadcast live across mainstream media outlets

40+ local news affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX)

100+ Industry Partners’ websites

Estimated 25MM audience in United States


Content and Speaker Line-Up

   Cannabis Reform Organizations:

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

Marijuana Majority

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)


Elected Officials

State Senators

US Policy Makers

Political Analysts

Economics Analysts


Industry Personalities

Lifestyle Celebrities

Famous Athletes



Sponsor Packages

Most sponsorships also include Email blasts to our community and partners, Mention in the CannabisRadio Facebook tool, Branding on digital and promotional items, Inclusion in 1) Step-and-Repeat, 2) press releases sent out to local and national media, 3) Event marketing and advertising efforts, and FREE advertising on for one to three months.

Flagship “Marijuana Election Night, Presented by ________” on all promo materials
Sponsor all hourly poll updates
Bumper played in between segments
One six-minute on-air sponsor segment
Co-branded mic flags with your logo
Inclusion in 30-sec promo that will play across network for 30+ days before & during election coverage
Leader Sponsor one hour of poll updates
Bumper played in between segments
One six-minute sponsor segment
Inclusion in 30-sec promo that will play across network for 30+ days before & during election coverage
Phones Mentioned every time we connect to someone via phone
Most interviews & correspondents updates will be over the phone, including interviews w/ elected officials & celebrities.
Polls Sponsorship of one hour of poll updates & coverage
Results will be broadcasts to mainstream media outlets
On-Air 1 dedicated six-minute on-air segment during live stream
Professionally produced 30-second commercial to air during coverage
Video Prominently featured in our multiple Live video streams including Facebook, Periscope, Youtube, which will be shared by our social media partners $2500
Social We’ll find a creative way to work your brand into the broadcast
We’ll post a shout out on our social media in the weeks leading up to the election and on election night

This is an unprecedented opportunity to promote your cannabis brand or business to a massive national audience. With the current advertising restrictions on the marijuana industry, this level of exposure is a first of it’s kind. If you do not feel that the above packages meet your company’s goals, please contact us, we are happy to create a custom package that will meet your needs and budget.