Are Delta 8 gummies less potent than standard cannabis edibles?

Are Delta 8 gummies less potent than standard cannabis edibles?

By Daron Babin - September 1, 2021

As Delta-8 has taken over markets globally, people are starting to wonder if this strain is any more efficient. And if not, what is the reason for its popularity? Delta-8 has a similar pharmacological profile as Delta-9 THC, so what makes it different? It is a positional isomer of Delta-9 THC and is even being called a legal loophole by many. Let us see how!

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Delta-8 gummies are increasingly becoming popular amongst youngsters due to their feasibility and consumption convenience. This trendy cannabinoid is also popularly called ‘marijuana lite,’ but that does not bring down its efficiency any less. Like any lite version, the optimization here is of the side effects that one feels. Delta-8 makes it easier to enjoy the high without being drained by the excessive side effects that come with delta-9 THC. So, what is Delta-8, and how did it gain such popularity globally?

Delta-8: Source and Success

Delta-8 THC is formed from a unique substance discovered in hemp, still allowed by the 2018 Farm Bill. A lucky chemist realized that altering this substance can replicate chemical bonds closer to marijuana itself. You may wonder if this strain created in labs promises any different than what delta-9 THC does? It does. Reworking something in a lab gives chemists the power to tweak and customize the experience while flouting legal hassles.

Since marijuana and hemp are closely related, they tend to have similar psychoactive effects. They contain more than a hundred cannabinoids and can have many effects on our brains and bodies. Psychoactive effects are causal factors for the high that we feel. The effects primarily enhance the endocannabinoids in our bodies and improve communication within. Improved communication further helps in significantly relaxing the body and relieving anxiety or pain.

If cannabinoids and delta-9 work just fine, why delta-8? This shift is because legal guidelines across states have deemed any cannabis plant with more than 0.3% THC concentration illegal. Anything more than 0.3% cannabinoid is considered marijuana and any less than hemp. As hemp does not have as many psychoactive effects, the farm bill allows it over marijuana. Many acknowledge the FDA’s participation in regulating the hemp business via the 2018 farm bill.

Now that we know the backdrop to the origin of delta-8, this is how it matches delta-9 in performance. Delta 8 has a similar chemical formula as Delta-9 THC. Although it appears in tiny quantities in the hemp plant, it is given a psychoactive makeover in the lab. They are chemically manufactured, but it only enhances their performance over other naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Its success comes down to users that can finally purchase cannabinoids legally. Gone are days of sneakily purchasing something, hiding it on the regular, hoping you may be caught! Users can now easily enjoy the same experience through delta-8 with added benefits of reduced side effects. Gummies are the best way to do so for those who cannot afford to be caught vaping. With such immense benefits, the success of delta-8 is a given!

Is delta-8 more potent than delta-9?

Having explored the science of this legal loophole cannabinoid, we are to debunk if it is more potent than delta-9. Well, if I were to enjoy anything close to delta-9 legally, I would not complain. But let us unravel what the experts have to say!

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Delta-8 is up to 75% or perhaps two-thirds as potent as delta-9, according to a report by USCC. This difference is because delta-8 has a comparatively lower affinity for the CB1 receptor. Therefore, it has a lower psychotropic potency. Since it comes so close to delta-9, we do not think it stops users from turning to it anyway.

Delta-8 cannabinoid is also commonly referred to as a synthetic one as it is not naturally occurring as other compounds. Yet, it is equally popular in markets. Smokable hemp flower with sprayed delta-8 extract, tablets or edibles, tinctures and cartridges, and lastly, our favorite form- gummies! Users can even inject it the same way, allowing for a seamless transition to delta-8 if they wish.

Although cannabinoids have been used in edible products and offerings, delta-8 makes it easier for cafes to do so. Many cafes sell pastries and drinks or smoothies infused with delta-8. Does it feel the same? Users report it does.

Effects of Delta-8?

Certainly, chewing a delta-8 gummy may not feel so different from a delta-9. Especially with flavored options, the difference seems negligible. As delta-8 is 75% as potent or more, it can have almost as many effects as delta-9. Since there has been little research about delta-8, it may be daunting to take the step. But we believe this is true for almost the entire CBD industry. Users largely prefer relying on their experiences when it comes to new strains and variants. You may not even be able to tell the difference between delta-8 and delta-9, but if you do, here are the nuances of a delta-8 experience.

Effects users experience upon consuming delta-8-

  • Relaxation, calm mindedness, and comfort
  • Pain and anxiety alleviation
  • Increased appetite and sleep
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Upliftment and motivation
  • Clear-headed high

This pleasant and fruitful experience allows an enhancement in one’s performance without wallowing side effects. Chemists have been able to optimize this synthetic product so that users make the most of it with few side effects. The few side effects are drowsiness and dry eyes or mouth. Either way, these may not inhibit your performance if consumed within limits.

Dosage recommendation

When it comes to dosage for delta-8 gummies, it is always good, to begin with, a quarter or half gummy while you are at it. For beginners, 10 to 60 mg is optimal. Think of it as an introduction to the product and its effects. The time taken for effects to kick in can range from sixty to ninety minutes but last longer than other modes of intake. However, the advantage of gummies is that they are feasible to consume. They can also easily be incorporated into one’s daily schedule.

The same factor may be a downside as users may consume these flavourful gummies without any patience for the effects to kick in. Beware of excessive consumption as it can have adverse effects.


Delta-8 gummies may not be as potent as delta-9 gummies, but they are not vastly different. Consuming delta-8 gummies can give a similar or close to delta-9 high. You may try it yourself if you do not believe us!



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