Cannabis Ads Still Banned on Google, Facebook and Twitter

Cannabis Ads Still Banned on Google, Facebook and Twitter

By Daron Babin - July 15, 2016

Cannabis Ads – Where To Promote Your Products Or Services

Google won’t let you do it. Facebook says no. Twitter? Don’t count on it. If you’re a business dealing in cannabis or cannabis-related products, you simply can not place cannabis ads on any of these platforms.

The good news, these platforms aren’t necessarily the best way to reach engaged cannabis consumers anyway. In order to reach your target market, you need to reach out to an interested audience as well as thought leaders in the cannabis industry.

There’s no better place than Cannabis Radio. The premier online/podcast radio destination for all things cannabis, Cannabis Radio is an immense community of cannabis activists, enthusiasts, businesses and policymakers creating and seeking cannabis-related content. Where else can you find enthusiasts like Tommy Chong, expert cultivators like Kyle Kushman and activists like Dr. Dina all in one place?

Unlike other advertising platforms like search or social, customers who listen to podcasts are far more engaged. Podcasts offer listeners an intimate setting. Because your audience will typically listen to the podcast by themselves in privacy, this creates a sense of one-on-one engagement.

In addition, no one listens to a podcast unless they really want to consume that type of information. Podcast listeners want to be served content, and our listeners, specifically, want cannabis-related content. Is that something you can provide? When you promote a valuable cannabis product or service through a podcast, there’s a good chance our audience will act on your suggestions.

It’s also much easier for our audience to connect with cannabis-related brands. As loyalty between you and our listeners grow, you’ll be able to create valuable relationships and create a new group of advocates for your products and services.

Even if Google, Facebook and Twitter did allow cannabis ads (or cannabis-related), the amount of money that you would have to spend to obtain the same reach on Cannabis Radio wouldn’t make it worth the investment.

All that said, if you’re looking to reach an engaged group of marijuana consumers and thought leaders, what better place than the community where they live online, Cannabis Radio.

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