How To Have A Cool & Enjoyable Summer With Cannabis

By cbr - May 11, 2022

The summer heat can get overbearing if you live in one of the hot states where mercury soars during these months. Things get pretty hard in states like Virginia, where the season extends for months, and the average daily temperatures are hard to deal with. But the weather is also great for spending time outdoors, planning beach vacations and camping trips, and hosting parties in your backyard. Pick the right time of the day and apt venues to make the best of the weather.

Integrating cannabis into your summer routine is another way to have more fun in the season. Whether you are a recreational or medicinal consumer, cannabis sets you up for the best time. But you have to do your bit to fine-tune your sessions during the hot and humid weather. Here are some tips to make this season the most incredible one as a cannabis regular.

Vape instead of smoking

Inhalation is an ideal consumption method if you want to experience quick relief from pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Likewise, it works well for recreational consumers looking for instant gratification. The cannabinoids reach your bloodstream from the lungs within minutes, and effects set in sooner than you expect. But vaping is a better alternative to smoking in any season because it does not irritate your lungs. Opt for it when the weather is hot because the vapor is far cooler than smoke. Moreover, you have the advantage of precision control over temperature with a quality vaporizer. It means you can turn down the heat and fine-tune your experience to enjoy a chilled-out high this season.

Enjoy the season with delicious edibles

You may not want to hit your lungs with smoke or vapor in summer, even if it isn’t as hot as with the conventional smoking method. Luckily, you can enjoy the season with delicious edibles rather than opt for inhalation. The best thing about edibles is that you are spoiled for choice with them. There are endless options to explore, from cookies to brownies, chocolates, gummies, candies, and more. You may even find infused drinks on cannabis menus in dispensaries across the legal states. Beyond the incredible taste and feel of these products, you can relish sustainable effects that cover you for long hours. It happens because the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream slowly only after digestion and stay for longer. Although the high takes time to set in, you can feel the chill for hours.

Ramp up your culinary skills

Besides picking ready-to-eat edibles from a dispensary, you can try cooking with cannabis this season. There isn’t a better time to ramp up your culinary skills as you can host a party for your gang and serve the best of your recipes. Hang up lights in the backyard, play your favorite music, and plan comfy seating for your guests. Your cooking skills will do the rest to impress them. You may even plan a potluck meal and enjoy a broad variety of home-cooked cannabis delicacies. Just make sure to order the best quality herb or tincture to infuse in your recipes for great taste and effects. Follow an expert on YouTube, and you will be a star chef sooner than later.

Pack your favorites for the vacations

Summer is a good time for breaks, and you can book a beach vacation, an outdoor trip, or a staycation depending on your budget. You only need to ensure picking a legal destination and a 420-friendly accommodation for the trip. Packing your stash for the trip is a great idea as it can elevate your vacation experience. But remember to follow the rules and pack discreetly to stay on the right of the law. You can even order cannabis from local delivery services in a legal state. For example, you may explore Richmond weed delivery services when vacationing in Virginia. Your favorite product is only a few clicks away!

Use CBD products for summer skincare

The summer heat can be harsh on your skin, with problems like sunburn, acne, and wrinkles becoming more prominent. You can opt for CBD-based topical products to beat the sun’s effects naturally. CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory agent, so it works on the skin issues deep within and provides lasting relief. There are plenty of options in topicals, from acne lotions to sunscreens, moisturizing balms, and more. You can even try CBD bath bombs for a refreshing and relaxing bath at the end of a hot and stressful day. Nothing heals your skin better than this natural ingredient, so do not forget to include it in your beauty regime.

Be extra careful with storage

Another valuable piece of advice to have a good time with cannabis this summer is by being extra careful with storage. In summer or winter, you must follow storage rules to keep your stash fresh and aromatic. But you have to watch out for the temperature and exposure to light a little more during the warmer days. However, most users end up chucking their stash in a drawer without second thoughts. Your supplies lose their freshness, flavor, and quality due to the damage from heat, light, and air exposure. The worst part is that it takes only a few hours to ruin your products when you are not careful with storage. Remember to store it in a cool, dry area. You may seek recommendations about refrigeration from a seasoned budtender or a pro-consumer. Never leave the products in a car outdoors.

Summer is an excellent time to relish your cannabis, regardless of your favorite product or consumption method. You have more than one reason to indulge during the long and lazy days. Plan solo sessions at home, invite your gang for a party or pack your stash for a holiday. The opportunities for having a good time with cannabis are endless. But remember to follow the dosage, safety, and storage recommendations to get the best from your sessions. Also, stick with these tips to have a cool and enjoyable experience with cannabis this summer.


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