How to Market your CBD business in 2022

How to Market your CBD business in 2022

By cbr - May 16, 2022

With CBD becoming legal in the US, the retail segment has witnessed a massive boom in recent years. Although sellers have great opportunities, the daunting competition makes it hard to survive and thrive. The only way to set your business apart is by investing in a robust marketing strategy. But you have to devise it carefully, considering the regulations and competitive factors. It is vital to focus on digital outreach in the post-pandemic world as more customers are likely to search and buy products online. CBD entrepreneurs need to reassess and revamp their marketing plan to match the needs and challenges of the new normal. Here are some expert recommendations on marketing your CBD business in 2022.

Know your target audience

Before getting into action with your CBD marketing plan, you must know your target audience. Diving in randomly will surely do more harm than good, and you may end up wasting all the good effort. Begin by researching the market and pinpointing your target audience. List factors like demographics, pain points, needs, and expectations. Of course, your promotional strategies will vary when you target a medicinal or recreational audience because their expectations differ. Likewise, you will have to devise different plans for selling to a young audience or targeting the senior group. Building a buyer persona helps you devise a personalized marketing approach that has better chances of success.

Double up on SEO

CBD e-commerce is booming in post-pandemic times as consumers are happy to continue with the doorstep delivery model. It is convenient, discreet, and fast, so buyers prefer it over buying in-store even in the new normal. Business owners must do their best to capitalize on the e-commerce boom, and doubling up on SEO makes sense. Moreover, organic search is the best way to promote your business because CBD products face Google ads restrictions. Consider ramping up CBD link building by collaborating with digital marketing experts who follow best practices and algorithmic guidelines. Invest in quality instead of numbers to win the trust of search engines and your audience. Also, ensure an SEO-friendly website with an excellent UX, speed, responsiveness, and security features.

Win with social media marketing

Social media marketing is another essential element of CBD promotions. Although most platforms have some restrictions regarding advertising these products, you can create a legit social media presence for your business. For example, you can have impressive brand pages on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Remember to check the legal requirements and platform-specific regulations while creating your business accounts. Since you cannot run paid ads as of now, social media promotions can open real opportunities to grow traffic and consumers. Share interesting posts, stories, and contests to connect with your audience and build awareness and trust for your brand. Encourage your followers to share content in the form of product reviews and testimonials.

Leverage the power of content

Although cannabis has come a long way to overcome its reputation as a recreational substance, apprehensions persist. You can build trust and clear doubts by educating the audience about the therapeutic value of CBD (it is non-psychoactive). The best way to do it is by leveraging the power of content. Having an informative blog gives you a good start. You can share content newsletters with your subscribers. Even better, collaborate with agencies like outreach Monks to get ahead with guest blogging. With this strategy, you can publish your content on niche-leading blogs and extend your outreach. Moreover, it is as good as being endorsed by industry leaders. Not to mention, you get precious backlinks to strengthen your link profile.

Get personalized with email marketing

Another marketing tactic that works well for CBD sellers is email outreach. It enables you to personalize your interactions by reaching out and connecting with individual buyers. But remember to steer clear of bulk emails with the same content and messaging. You must approach every buyer with customized email content that appeals to them and provides the information they want. You can go the extra mile with personalized offers and product recommendations. Address people by first names and greet them on special occasions to win their interest and loyalty. Besides deals and offers, you can add value to your email marketing plan with downloadable digital content, such as ebooks, whitepapers, PDFs, or videos.

CBD marketing will be very different in 2022 and beyond, with the main focus on digital outreach. Since legal restrictions on advertising continue, you have to rely on creative ideas to connect with the buyers, compel them to buy, and bring them back for repeat shopping. Follow these tactics to set your brand apart and retain customers for the long haul. Everything boils down to reaching out and building trust without breaking the regulations, and these strategies cover you on all fronts.

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