Top 5 Skills Every Burnaby Weed Vendor Should Have

Top 5 Skills Every Burnaby Weed Vendor Should Have

By Daron Babin - September 3, 2021

The legalization of recreational marijuana use in 2018 marked a “gold rush” with many Canadians rushing to establish weed dispensaries. Fortunately, the burgeoning Canadian cannabis industry boomed into a billion-dollar industry, raking in $8.16 billion by April 2020.

While industry research reports project high profits in the cannabis industry, they posit that efficient operation is essential for the projected growth. Therefore, weed vendors all over Canada, including Burnaby, need the necessary competencies to drive their businesses to success.

Having proficient vendors means quality service and products from edibles, concentrates, gummies, to vapes- view more here. But what skills should you possess to be a successful weed dispensary in Burnaby? Here are the five must-have skills.

1.   Quick Learning

The cannabis industry is an immensely dynamic space with innovative products and cultivators breeding new cannabis strains each day. Consequently, there is so much to learn, including cultivation practices, varying weed strains and their effects, legal requirements, supply chain infrastructure, and logistics. Therefore, the ability to consume and retain vast amounts of data and knowledge will come in handy for weed vendors in Burnaby.

Industry knowledge inspires confidence and guides businesses in making operational decisions that will help them meet customer needs while remaining profitable. Additionally, knowledge also empowers the vendor to capitalize on market trends and tap into niche markets. You must be passionate and intentional about learning and keeping up with industry trends. Learn by networking professionally and socially with fellow industry players or by interacting with your target consumers. Also, read industry news such as performance reports, white papers, and trade publications to stay in the know.

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2.   Marketing Skills

Marketing refers to value-creating techniques used to promote a brand or its products and services. Market research and advertising are the two pillars that support marketing as a principle.

However, Canadian laws regarding cannabis marketing prohibit the direct promotion of cannabis products, cannabis accessories, their prices, and associated cannabis services, like same-day weed delivery. It is also illegal for cannabis vendors to promote their products in such a way as to appeal to young people. Additionally, vendors cannot use accompanying graphics that attach desirable characteristics like class, elegance, or vitality to cannabis products and accessories.

While weed advertising is a dicey area, market research is pretty straightforward even on digital marketing platforms. Market research tools like social media and search engine analytics allow you to gain an in-depth knowledge of your target consumers’ behavior.

Understanding concepts like the customers’ purchase life cycle, customer cohorts, and relevant metrics and KPIs help facilitate retargeting marketing efforts. Customer retargeting is an online marketing strategy that keeps tabs on and improves customer experience to boost customer retention.

While traditional media and most online platforms are not viable as marketing avenues, email marketing, weed apps, and independent weed websites are feasible. Consequently, having top-notch marketing skills will help weed vendors in Burnaby reach their target market.

3.   Communication Skills

Although there are numerous definitions of communication, one reliable definition is that communication is the meeting of minds. According to this definition, communication only counts when the message sender and the receiver operate along the same wavelength. Something else to note about communication is that it is every bit about listening as delivering the message.

Weed retailers must learn the ideal way to communicate with their staff, consumers, and other players in the cannabis industry. As a weed vendor, learn to express your ideas and stances clearly through speech, writing, and body language.

Find out the most appropriate communication channels to use for specific messages. It’s also essential to learn to listen, employ empathy, and establish the proper tone to use for individuals, different communication settings, and different situations.

Note that promotional material like email marketing content also counts as communication. Therefore, use communication skills to grow your business.

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4.   Customer Service Skills

Closely related to communication skills are customer service skills. As a weed retailer, you should assist your customers and remain graceful even under undesirable situations.

While communication aspects like clarity, being audible, empathy, and listening skills are vital in customer service, they comprise the easy parts. Customer service is about troubleshooting and providing solutions on the fly to sometimes irate customers, whose anger is mostly a transference issue.

Customer service requires technical product knowledge, organizational knowledge, and emotional intelligence. Having excellent customer service skills allows you to build lasting customer relationships.

5.   Leadership Skills

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Most cannabis dispensaries are growing from simple one-man operations to businesses with organizational structures and teams. As a cannabis vendor, showing leadership to the team that supports your business operation is paramount.

Leadership in business entails setting goals and directing your team to achieve those goals. It also entails making operational decisions, especially during project management.

As a leader, your passion for the business and work ethic should inspire your staff and business partners, motivating them to achieve business goals. Therefore, learn how to be an effective leader to propel your business’ growth.


Besides business infrastructure like storefronts, the essential competencies highlighted above are crucial while running a cannabis business. Therefore, as a cannabis vendor in Burnaby, be intentional about acquiring and honing the skills above to deliver services effectively and grow your business.



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