Ketamine Therapy: How I found myself when I didn’t know I was in dire need…

Ketamine Therapy: How I found myself when I didn’t know I was in dire need…

By Daron Babin - June 15, 2022

Ketamine Therapy.

As one of the Co-Founders of Cannabis Radio, we sometimes find ourselves taking a deep dive with our show hosts into their world. My Self Wellness, a Ketamine Therapy Clinic in Bonita Springs, Fl is our first new show to launch that will cover the uses of Ketamine Assisted Therapy for folks with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, and more. They’ll also be discussing psychedelic healing and talk about what the individual journeys of folks look like while looking at some common trends in their learning as they treat more and more people.

But, this article isn’t really meant to talk about the new show…PSYCHEDELIC RADIO…COMING TO A PODCAST PORTAL NEAR YOU SOON. 😂

I reviewed my experience with the Ketamine Therapy I received in Bonita Springs, and I wanted our listeners to have a chance to read this. I think it’s important to know there are options. Don’t take my word for it. There are studies to show the efficacy of ketamine as a treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.

So let’s jump right into my review of my Ketamine Therapy from My Self Wellness in Bonita Springs, FL.


Where do I begin… I can use singular, individual words for my experience with My Self Wellness…
– Transformative
– Profound
– Magical
– Unbelievable

Every individual is different, so YMMV with respect to my encounter and recommendation.
Circumstances presented themselves for me to go through the entire treatment plan. If I’m being honest with everyone reading this, I was not in the place I thought I was, in my mind, my life, and my relationships with my family, friends, and employees. So the timing couldn’t have been better.

I was looking at this more analytical than for personal healing, as I wanted to understand what this was. This process and what the crowd of “they”, say it is…was something I really wanted to wrap my head around. I’ll get to this mistake on my part in a moment.

The Beginning

It all begins by talking to the most friendly, smiling, and energy-positive gentlemen you can imagine. This is Dr. Ferber. He does an evaluation before you can be approved to receive the Infusion therapy. This is a wonderful part of the process, as Dr. Ferber got to know me and me him. It gave me an initial sense of comfort about the process…which was well-founded.
Next, we made the appointment to come for our first infusion (as I was doing this with my wife). The intake on the day of my first infusion was very comfortable. Hannah was there with Jessica to help us get comfortable. We were shown to our individual rooms which they sage daily. Wow, the most beautiful, minimalistic décor which feels there was attention paid to the feng shui in the space.

They took my blood pressure, weighed me, and gave me some initial meds to ensure my pressure stays normal during treatment. Then sat me in a SUPER comfortable reclining chair with beautiful meditation music playing in the background. The nurse then explained everything to me, what to expect (potentially…I’ll explain)…and then answered my questions.

The Actual Treatment

Then…it was time.
She gave me an injection in my left arm an Intramuscular Shot of Ketamine. My ketamine therapy was about to begin. Jessica smiled at me, put my noise-canceling headphones on…look me in the eyes and smiled real big, and said… “Have a nice journey!” She slid my eye shades down over my eyes and what happened next…was all of the individual…singular words I used at the opening of this review…happened. What I expected, wasn’t. There is no explanation for what you witnessed during this.

Ketamine Treatment is a dissociative, so within 10 minutes of getting the shot, all the things that make you…YOU, fall away. There is nothing to fear, giving yourself to the journey is where the healing takes place as I would soon find out. The thought that ketamine therapy for depression as a treatment was that it could speed up the process and produce real, tangible results.

Fast forward to my 6th and final session, it was longer and definitely more powerful. The revelation presented to me in the middle of this journey was beyond profound. I was presented with a metaphorical “RESET” or “REBOOT” button…and the knowledge that I had just pushed it. I was shown my commitment to myself in treatment which allowed me to actually reboot…ME.

How can I quantify its effectiveness? Everything in my life that was stalled out, began its forward momentum once again. The fear of not being enough, worthy enough, smart enough, etc…all fell away. Things in our business that were stalled suddenly found legs again. Even finances took a turn for the better. It’s like all the energy surrounding where I was in life, the clogged up, run-down me…did 20 years worth of therapy in 6 sessions. I also slept better afterward as well.

Taking off your eye shades can be a little jarring in the first session but gets better with each session. There is a GORGEOUS reintegration room with giant couches and fluffy oversized and super comfortable chairs. This is so you can go carefully into the room and lay down blissfully while you take in what you just experienced.
Hannah is also there, with Charles and owner Christina (who are two amazing people I might add). They all can assist with processing your experience and help you profoundly. Do this with no expectations or fear & it will be beyond profound for you too.


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