Onset Times For Different Cannabis Consumption Methods

Onset Times For Different Cannabis Consumption Methods

By Daron Babin - December 17, 2021

Cannabis has been used by societies around the world for centuries in various forms to achieve a
variety of effects. This plant is known for being very difficult to control because of the wide variety of
strains that are available as well as the fact that it affects individuals differently. Marijuana can also
be consumed in many ways including smoking, consuming edibles, applying topicals in the form of
lotions and oils, and even capsules. Human use of cannabis can be traced back thousands of years
ago when we began experimenting with plants growing around us. We are still learning and
discovering more and more about marijuana so this article will discuss different cannabis
consumption methods as well as the different onset times of each consumption method.

Joints and bongs

Joints and bongs are two of the OG consumption methods that are very popular and widely used
across the cannabis community. Joints are an inhalation method of consumption that involves dry
herbs being rolled in rolling paper and smoked resulting in combustion. Bongs on the other hand are
water filtration devices that involve a handheld device with a mouthpiece, neck, bowl, and water
chamber, and contrary to popular belief, bongs are still popular, as evident by the number of options
available at sites like To smoke a bong, you fill it with water, fill the
bowl with crushed dry herbs, light the herbs with a flame while inhaling simultaneously through the
mouthpiece. The water will then start to bubble and the bong will fill up with smoke. Once the
device has filled entirely with smoke and you have burned all your dry herbs in the bowl, inhale,
exhale and repeat until you have cleared all the smoke. The onset times for both joints and bongs
are a few minutes and the effects will last anywhere between 2-5 hours.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are a water filtration device, similar to a bong except there is no combustion and it
produces vapor instead of smoke. The device is also made from a different type of material and has
more components which include a nail made from quartz or titanium. Another difference is that dab
rigs use wax instead of dry herbs. To consume with this device you need to fill water into the
chamber, season your dab nail, prepare your dab, heat your nail, put the oil on the dab nail, inhale
via the mouthpiece, exhale and repeat. This method produces a more intense and potent high and
the onset time is around 6-10 seconds and the effects typically last between 1 and 3 hours.

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are a very popular inhalation device that produces vapor instead of smoke. This
handheld device is convenient and portable and consists of many components including a chamber,
mouthpiece, and battery. To consume with this device you need to fill your chamber with a small
portion of finely crushed dry herbs, turn the device on, select your desired temperature, inhale,
exhale and repeat. You have the power to choose your heating temperature and each temperature
produces different effects. Dry herb vaporizers also produce more potent effects and are discreet
because it produces no smell and minimal smoke. The onset time is almost instant and the effects
can last upward of 5 hours.


Tinctures are made from dissolving dry herbs in alcohol to produce a concentrate. To consume this
concentrate you fill a dropper with a tincture, place 3 -4 drops underneath your tongue, let it rest for
about 2 minutes and then swallow. The tinctures will enter your bloodstream and will produce very
potent effects. The onset time is 15 minutes and will last upward of 4 hours.


Edibles are food and drink products that contain marijuana and come in many forms including
gummies, cake, and tea to name a few. When you consume edibles, it enters your system through
your digestive system and liver which results in very potent and intense effects. Edibles are loved in
the cannabis community because they are delicious, affordable, and can easily be made at home.
The onset time is between 60-120 minutes long however the effects last upward of 12 hours with
many people reporting to still feel some after-effects up to 24 hours later. When consuming edibles
be very careful not to consume too many per session.


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