Senator Chuck Grassley Is Blocking Democracy

Senator Chuck Grassley Is Blocking Democracy

By Daron Babin - December 16, 2015

People have fought for, and given their lives for democracy. People have fled other countries while fearing for their lives for the opportunity to live in a democratic society. This is what our forefathers dreamed of. A land that would be free of tyranny. A country where the system actually works.

The CARERS ACT would allow States to decide what is legal regarding medical marijuana, but Sen. Grassley who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee must schedule a hearing for it to have a chance. This was co-sponsored by numerous legislators. For democracy to work, a hearing is needed. However, would you believe that a Senator is blocking democracy? Its true. When many voices have come together, not just parents of sick children… But adult children with parents suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. How about our Veterans suffering from PTSD. Not only do they combat the symptoms of PTSD but their fight continues with the horrid side effects of the pharmaceuticals that they are prescribed. Instead of finding peace, more than 22 of these men and women take their lives every single day across this country. All this, while Senator Grassley argues about anecdotal evidence not being convincing enough. Saying that we need more research first. However, he knows that until Marijuana is rescheduled…its nearly impossible for new research studies to get approval.

How many lives can be saved if the CARERS ACT can get a hearing and a chance to pass with the existing bi-partisan support that it has in Congress right now? Its time to help people Sen. Grassley. Isn’t this why you are in office? If not to save peoples lives or at least give the States a chance to do so.

At 22 people a day Sen. Grassley…can you afford to have their lives on your conscience?

Folks… Please ask Sen. Grassley to be an American, and give this ACT its hearing. To not block democracy!

We have started a petition over at and we’re asking for your help to send a message to the Senators office and to voters that its un-American to block democracy. Will you join us in sending that message? Click this link to sign the petition and then share it with your friends: