The Best Dispensaries In River North, Chicago

The Best Dispensaries In River North, Chicago

By cbr - March 30, 2022

The cannabis culture across the US has been flourishing in the last decade, owing to its legalization in many states.

Thirty-seven states in the country have legalized cannabis, out of which it is legal to consume marijuana for recreational purposes in only eighteen states.

Illinois is one of the states where you can consume marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. In this state, Chicago tops the list of marijuana consumption and the number of stores.

The stores that have the license to sell marijuana products are often referred to as dispensaries. You can find a variety of such products for medicinal and recreational consumption.

The best dispensaries in Chicago are situated in the suburban area of River North. This neighborhood boasts of some of the city’s best upscale bakeries and eateries. Moreover, River North is the best area to enjoy the nightlife of Chicago. From exceptional lofts to best-in-class nightclubs, you can find everything you need. Here are some of the best dispensaries in River North, Chicago, where you can easily find the best quality marijuana products.

  1. Verilife Dispensary

If you are a seasoned marijuana consumer, you must know about Verlife dispensaries as they operate in many states. They have built a good reputation for striking a balance between customer service and offering the best products.

At Verilife, you will be able to choose from the best quality flowers, resins, edibles, sprays, tinctures, and other such products.

Besides offering marijuana products, this drugstore can also guide you by obtaining a medical marijuana card under the Medical Cannabis Patient Program (MCPP) in Illinois.

2. Sunnyside cannabis dispensary

This dispensary primarily deals in recreational marijuana. The River North dispensary boasts of expansive stores where the advisors will guide you through the various products available at the store.

Getting help and recommendations from the store’s advisors will enable you to choose the best marijuana products that fit your lifestyle.

You can opt for a store pickup or even order online, and their product menu is updated every day to showcase the best products.

In addition, the Sunnyside cannabis dispensary offers a special discount for veterans for up to ten percent.

3. MOCA modern cannabis

It is yet another pharmacy that deals in recreational marijuana only. The store offers a myriad of cannabis-related products; every day, you can find buds, rolled joints, tinctures, gummies, resin, and other products at the dispensary.

The dispensary is a well-established name as they have stores in other states.

Furthermore, they offer discounts for first-time visitors and discounts for medical cardholders and veterans.

MOCA modern cannabis is also rated well by its consumers, indicating the quality of services and products you can expect here.

4. Cura leaf

Many people walk into the store knowing what they already want, but many people are unaware of what they are looking for. So, dispensaries like Curaleaf have a team of advisors who can guide you through their wide product range, helping you choose the best one for your needs.

These pre-rolled joints are the specialty of this drugstore, along with other products.

Curaleaf only sells recreational marijuana, but they guide you through the process of applying for a medical record.

5. NuEra

This dispensary specializes in selling marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. At NuEra, people with a medical card are eligible for discounts.

If you are a seasoned consumer, you can find the buds and roll them as per your while. On the other hand, you can even buy pre-rolled joints, tinctures, and other such products.

At NuEra, you can also buy some good quality hash, and these substances come in various potencies and sizes that allow you to monitor the dosage.

These are some of the best dispensaries in River North, Chicago. To buy and consume recreational marijuana, you must be over twenty years old or have a medical card.