Attract, Engage, and Nurture A Cannabis Customers Long-Term Loyalty

Alex Mardikian speaks to Guillermo Bravo the CEO of Foottraffik. Guillermo is CEO of the largest dispensary marketing agency in the country called Foottraffik, which helps dispensaries attract, engage, and nurture customers long-term loyalty.Guillermo Bravo has 11 years of experience applying my expertise to marketing teams in both the startup and agency environments. Guillermo Bravo’s passion is spearheading initiatives to drive sales, expand lead generation and develop intuitive strategies. Guillermo Bravo combines big-picture thinking, innovation, collaboration, and creativity to drive marketing campaigns.

Alex and Guillermo go through his career and why business owners should focus on local markets first instead of a global strategy. In his New West Summit presentation, he offered some best practices on how to appeal to diverse consumer populations, drive new business, and create loyal customers. They speak on what were the most important things you had people take away.