Paragon: Cryptocurrency Technology Tailored To The Cannabis Industry Pt. 2

Today on 420 Cloud’s Cannabis Connection our host Alex Mardikian continues the conversation about Paragon Coin. Paragon is a next-generation cryptocurrency start-up based on blockchain technology. Thier solutions are tailored to the cannabis industry and will ultimately provide transparency to this fractured market. We are rejoined by our guest is one of the co-founders of Paragon Coin, Jessica Versteeg. She is a model and a former Miss Iowa 2014.


You may have seen her compete last year during season 28 of TV’s Amazing Race.  Alongside her husband, Russian millionaire Egor Lavrov, they began offering $100 million worth of Paragon Coins at $1 apiece.  Today we talk about how she feels paragon will perform, the obstacles she’s handling with building out Paragon for the cannabis space, and why cannabis in the first place?