EPISODE #17: EVAN NISON (Whoopi & Maya)

EPISODE #17: EVAN NISON (Whoopi & Maya, Nison & Co., NORML)

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Bobby’s guest this week is Evan Nison, a young cannabis advocate/entrepreneur with an impressive list of credentials: he’s the director of the East Coast Cannabis Division of Terra Tech Corp., the executive director of NJ NORML, the director of the NY Cannabis Alliance, a member of the board of directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the youngest ever board member of national NORML, as well as the owner of his own cannabis public relations firm Nison & Co and the CFO of Whoopi Goldberg’s new medical marijuana product company Whoopi & Maya. Nison discusses his career, how he recently got to ask Hillary Clinton a question about legalization on Good Morning America, and what it’s like to work with Whoopi Goldberg.



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