EPISODE #26: Crockett a.k.a. “Tangie Man” (Crockett Family Farms)

EPISODE #26:  Crockett a.k.a. “Tangie Man” (Crockett Family Farms) and son Brian



In the final episode of Blazin’s first season,  . At its debut at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Crockett’s unique, citrusy strain Tangie won first place and proceeded to take the cannabis world by storm—winning award after award in the years that followed. Less than a decade later, Crockett’s family owned and operated company Crockett Family Farms have racked up nearly 100 different awards for their genetics…including two recent Concentrate Cup wins by Crockett’s son Brian. In the episode, Crockett discusses his partnership with DNA Genetics, his new strain set to dominate the market called Bob Ross, and the pride of working and succeeding alongside his family.



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