EPISODE #50: Peter Fonda (Legendary Actor/Writer/Director)

Peter Fonda

Blazin’ is back baby! After a long hiatus, Bobby returns to celebrate the milestone 50th episode with his most “highly” esteemed guest yet—award-winning actor and counterculture icon Peter Fonda!  Fonda has appeared in over 70 films and won several major awards, but is best known as the writer and star of the groundbreaking 1969 film Easy Rider—once voted “Top Drug Movie of All Time” by High Times. Now, on the 50th anniversary of its filming, Fonda opens up to Bobby about the movie’s legacy and impact, getting Jack Nicholson too high on the set, tripping on acid with The Beatles, and about his brief role in the new independent pot film Boundaries (premiering in select theaters on June 22).

peter fonda


Peter Fonda most recently is in the news today for speaking out against the Trump Administration for separating immigrant children from their parents after crossing into the United States with their parents and being detained. As does any decent person out there does, he is using his personal platform to gain steam for those seeking to do the right thing and get these children reunited with their parents and to help the government see that converting a politicized immigration issue into a criminal one where the children are harmed most…must stop.

Peter Fonda

We here at Cannabis Radio support Peter Fonda and his efforts and call on the Trump Administration to stop these antics and get these families back together.

On a lighter note… Go out the new Boundaries Movie with today’s hero Peter Fonda.