22Red Founder and Grammy Award Winner Shavo Odadjian


22Red Founder and Grammy Award Winner Shavo Odadjian today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio.
Our next guest might be best known as the bassist for the Grammy Award-winning hard rocker System of a Down, who have sold over 40 million albums in their storied career. Today he runs a lifestyle brand with some of the best cannabis on the menu in 22Red.

22Red features a line of premium cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products. They have strains like Church22, Mimosa22, Caramel Gelato, and 22 OG. They also produce vape cartridges featuring tanks filled with OG Kush, Strawberry Banana, or Watermelon.

We last had Shavo on the Dazed and Infused program back in March 2021 when 22Red was rolling out a new line of CBD tinctures made with pure CBD isolate and extracted from premium, USA-grown hemp. Now, 22Red is making its way into the Arizona market with a new line of concentrates. This is all in the last three years plus we had a pandemic in between all this. We talk about the growth that 22Red has made in this short amount of time.

22Red Concentrates has packed 1g of freshly harvested flower that has been cryogenically frozen to preserve its original cannabinoid and terpene content. The flower is then extracted and transformed to produce live resin concentrates that are: full-spectrum cannabis, packed with natural flavor, and are additive, pesticide, and solvent-free. Haven’t seen a lot of cannabis products produced through a freeze-dried method. We dive into that and much more with Shavo Odadjian today on Blunt Business.