22Red with Ceo And Founder Harry Kazazian

22Red Ceo And Founder Harry Kazazian join us today to talk about his company and career on Blunt Business. Our next guest has spent over 30 years in the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of consumer products. He is responsible for managing some of the most recognized brands in the Outdoor Industry, with annual sales exceeding $100M. Now entering a new market, he intends to apply the same business principles, ingenuity, and level of integrity that has garnered him much success throughout his long and storied career. Harry was approached by an old friend and System of a Down bassist, Shavo Odadjian, to launch 22Red at the onset of California’s adult-use legalization. We have definitely seen a lot of musicians feel inspired to venture into cannabis: B-Real of Cypress Hill aka Dr. Greenthumb to Brendan Hill of Blues Traveler to Willie Nelson. We talk about what it is about musicians in particular that draws them to partake in more than just a joint.


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