4Front Ventures

4Front Ventures

4Front Ventures with CEO and Co-Founder, Kris Kane. Our next guest runs one of the leading multi-state operators ushering in cannabis and fierce public advocate for cannabis decriminalization and legalization. He believes the correlation between ending prohibition and legalizing cannabis is undeniable. Having founded 4Front Advisors in 2011, Kris now serves as president of 4Front. Prior to forming 4Front, Kris served as director of client services for CannBe, a pioneer in developing best practices within the medical cannabis industry.


Kris has dedicated his career to reforming the nation’s misguided drug policies, having previously served as associate director of NORML (2000-2005) and executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (2006-2009). He currently serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association board of directors and pens a column about the cannabis industry for Forbes. Kris’ pioneering roots in cannabis advocacy and policy provides a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory environment, which often provides 4Front a head start on seeing and evaluating opportunities. We have talked about how cannabis legalization now would serve as a means to the end of the current economic disaster we are currently facing.

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