ABSTRAX with Max Koby and Kevin Koby

ABSTRAX with Max Koby and Kevin Koby today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guests founded a leading manufacturer of award-winning, naturally derived terpene blends that are procured from plants found all around the world.. They are producing some groundbreaking advancements in the cannabis and terpene industry. ABSTRAX has officially become the First Terpene Distributor on Weedmaps’ WM Exchange, the Wholesale Cannabis Platform from WM Business. Part of the WM Business product suite, WM Exchange is a platform that streamlines discovery between licensed buyers and sellers. Now, retailers and brands on Weedmaps will have access to ABSTRAX’s wide variety of terpenes.


The Spa Kit was specifically created to help brand developers help their customers cleanse their minds and bodies of the stressors they face each and every day,” said Max Koby, Founding Partner, and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s also proof that terpenes are evolving into the most creative, natural, and powerful way to guide humanity toward a greater sense of wellbeing. Fresh Toast recently published an article titled: Why Terpene Profiles May Shape The Future Of Cannabis. There is no doubt that terpenes will play a significant role in shaping the future of cannabis because it offers all a cannabis product needs to stand out. They go on to say there is now an increased interest in terpenes. The differences between terpenes are subtle, but they make the horticultural cannabis process fun. They also offer numerous therapeutic values that will do mankind lots of good. Lots of cannabis analysis laboratories test for terpene content so they can get a better idea of the full makeup of different strains. Terpenes are now taking center stage in lots of new scientific and medical research because of their potential synergistic effect on the body.