Agrify With David Kessler And Robert Harrison

Agrify with David Kessler, VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success, and Robert Harrison, COO of Agrify. Given the lack of quality control and production inefficiencies, traditional growing methods are in dire need of a facelift. Outdoor cultivation is unprotected; subject to unpredictable weather patterns, environmental damage, and is only operational in select seasons. Greenhouses are a step up in that they allow for better control of the environment and year-round cultivation, provided there is sufficient artificial lighting in the off-seasons.


With indoor cultivation and vertical racks, growers can maximize production by utilizing unused vertical space and can confidently operate year-round; however, the plants are still at risk of pests and diseases and there are still macro and microenvironmental conditions with high variability to consider. Agrify, a developer of highly advanced and proprietary precision hardware and software grow solutions for the indoor agriculture marketplace, is on a mission to fill these inefficiencies with their revolutionary indoor grow technology, thus enabling horticulturalists to produce the highest quality crops consistently at the lowest cost. Agrify’s approach to indoor cultivation allows for complete control over the environment, including temperature, light (intensity & photoperiod), CO2 levels, and humidity to produce a more consistent higher-quality product. Agrify’s vertical farming units allow growers to stack three units on top of one another, potentially increasing yield six-fold while reducing operating expenses by up to~40%.