An Ecosystem For The Entrepreneurial Community In Cannabis

Today on Blunt Business our host Sean Eubanks is joined by Adelia Carrillo from Direct Cannabis Network. Adelia is the founder of Direct Cannabis Network. Her roots were built in the consumer electronics industry with a background in business development, sales, and marketing. Through her own personal journey of being a patient, she soon found herself studying the industry as a whole and found that the industry was missing a focus on the cannabis entrepreneurs, innovation, and technology.


This is where her journey of developing Direct Cannabis Network began. Adelia being a natural born leader strives to motivate, inspire, lead and build a community and voice for the cannabis entrepreneurs and startups. Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital news network highlighting the latest tech, startups and innovative companies in the cannabis industry. DCN’s mission is to build an ecosystem for the entrepreneurial community that provides a voice for the startups, a platform for the professionals and a community for the entrepreneurs.