AphriHelios Global, LLC with CEO Darin Hickman

AphriHelios Global, LLC with CEO Darin Hickman today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs a new startup company that seeks to become a pan-African vertically integrated cannabis company that not only leverages Africa’s prime position as a low-cost producer of quality cannabis-related products but also brings African (continental and diaspora) brands to the global market. AphriHelios Global is a full-value-chain focused, Southern Africa producer, processor, and distributor headquartered in Bethesda, MD with active offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and Maseru, Lesotho. The team has a combined 60 years of corporate finance, agribusiness, and project management industry expertise.


Prior to Aphrielios Global, you have decades of experience in strategic business development to the Southern Africa region from financial and medical backgrounds, talk to me about the attachment you have to the region and your mission overall. From Uganda to Zimbabwe, there is growing interest in this valuable crop through exports following years of resistance, mostly from religious groups opposed to the drug’s legalization. Malawi relaxed laws against cannabis growing and selling, joining around 10 other nations that have decriminalized marijuana for medical purposes. Zambia legalized marijuana production for export in December 2019, and Lesotho was the first African country to legalize cannabis, in 2017, for medicinal purposes. Your company was awarded its initial license in 2019 from the Kingdom of Lesotho’s Ministry of Health to cultivate, process, package, and export cannabis-related products to global markets from the capital Maseru.