Ask Growers with Communications Manager Tia Moskalenko

Ask Growers with Communications Manager Tia Moskalenko today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio.


Our next guest is a cannabis journalist and enthusiast who is a regular contributor to the likes of Benzinga, Insider, Green Entrepreneur. She has interviewed over 100 cannabis brands and growers and she also represents a publication designed to familiarize readers with top products, help them find the brands that fit their needs, and provide timely information about the craft culture of cannabis. AskGrowers is a legal cannabis product and marketing website, providing readers with regional grower and manufacturer profiles, top brands and products (everything from flowers to cookies), where to buy them, and informative customer reviews. AskGrowers keeps readers educated and informed about all available brands in their region and enables manufacturers to speak directly to consumers and tell their stories.


Experts believe the overall outlook of the cannabis industry remains sound and that investors, businesses, and consumers alike should only expect to see more signs of strength in the future. Talk to me about what you have been able to unpack from those on the regulatory and financial fronts. Now that marijuana becomes socially acceptable, the number of stars deciding to jump on the bandwagon and create cannabis brands rises. The current situation around weed and the fact many famous people take the chance to step out on the market begs the question of the value celebrities see in creating cannabis brands. The industry faces many challenges, starting with marketing restrictions and the fact banks still don’t want to work with cannabis companies. Once again, thanks to tech that’s supporting the market, many things became easier. Technologies not only support the marijuana industry, but they are also reshaping it and helping it to develop.” We spoke with a lot of SaaS companies and data-related companies during our MJBiz Coverage last month to serve for compliance and full-service operations in general. We know a lot of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are behind those products.