Azuca with CEO and President Kim Sanchez Rael


Azuca with CEO and President Kim Sanchez Rael today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio. Our next guest is a passionate business leader, a startup veteran, and an investor in innovation. She has extensive experience as an operating executive and as a venture capitalist, focusing on early-stage investments in technology companies as well as an extensive background in both startup and Fortune 500 Companies.

Upon entering the cannabis industry, Kim co-founded an advanced energy company and held numerous management positions at Intel, where she managed a $200 million capital budget, and led planning for a $1 Billion expansion. She also held roles in finance, operations, and strategic planning. Prior to Intel, Kim served as an aide in the US Senate focusing on foreign affairs and science and technology policy.

We spoke with the Founder and the current chief creative officer Ron Silver back in October 2019 here on the program and we touched on his extensive experience as a renowned New York City Chef and restaurant owner. He talked to us about the founding legacy of incorporating baking techniques into the process of edibles.

We talk about the AZUCA TiME INFUSION delivery system for cannabis edibles. Her website explains: “Nano-lipid and nano-emulsification, the recent go-to solutions for water-soluble edibles, are fraught with problems. AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ radically transforms cannabinoids so they can be accessed by the body’s endocannabinoid receptors—one molecule at a time.