Cutting Edge Retail Technology

Cutting edge retail technology with Jeremy Jacobs, CEO & Chairman of Enlighten Dispensary Solutions. Our next guest manages the first full-scale enterprise solution in the cannabis space and is already working with over 700 cannabis businesses, including dispensaries, cultivators and producers, head shops, cannabis lounges, and medical facilities. Enlighten is a full spectrum enterprise solution managed by a team with a collective 20 years of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, first-class retailers, and top-end brands all over the world, bringing cutting edge retail technology to the cannabis industry.

Cutting Edge

Jeremy recently added to his suite of products with the launch of Enlighten SMARTHUB, a first-of-its-kind centralized management platform that allows retailers to sync real-time product updates to in-store digital displays and their eCommerce suite. The platform seamlessly integrates information across major POS providers and gives dispensaries the ability to automatically push standardized inventory updates to customer touchpoints. Enlighten SMARTHUB puts an end to the disconnect between the front-end menus and the back-end stockroom and eliminates the need for dispensary employees to manually input inventory data. Enlighten currently works with over 1,000 retail partners, many of whom are already utilizing Enlighten SMARTHUB to streamline their operations.

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