Dymapak with CEO Ross Kirsh

Dymapak with CEO Ross Kirsh today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio. The U.S. cannabis industry is expected to add $92 billion to the country’s economy in 2021, according to MJBizDaily. As the industry continues its upward momentum, producers of cannabis products that range from mints to gummies to dissolvable powders are seeking ways to reduce plastic packaging while remaining compliant. Dymapak is the leading solution provider to meet the growing need for safety packaging solutions across a variety of applications and industries. Recently, Dymapak, along with client HEXO, an award-winning licensed producer of innovative products for the global cannabis market, and Plastic Bank®, announced a partnership to offset all plastic in packaging. You said about this: “Ocean plastic is a critical issue with increasing challenges,” said Ross Kirsh, CEO at Dymapak.


“Environmental consciousness has never been more important and we’re proud to partner with Plastic Bank and HEXO to mitigate the impact of child-resistant bags and another plastic packaging. It’s our hope that other businesses will turn interested into action by committing to plastic neutrality.” The analysis was performed across the United States, accounting for geographic variations in meteorological and electrical grid emissions data. The resulting life cycle GHG emissions range, based on location, from 2,283 to 5,184 kg CO2-equivalent per kg of dried flower. The life cycle GHG emissions are largely attributed to electricity production and natural gas consumption from indoor environmental controls, high-intensity grow lights, and the supply of carbon dioxide for accelerated plant growth. The discussion focuses on the technological solutions and policy adaptation that can improve the environmental impact of commercial indoor cannabis production.