FlowerHire with CEO David Belsky

FlowerHire with CEO David Belsky today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs a leading staffing and talent strategy firm serving the regulated cannabis industry. It has filled over 300 positions in 10 states since its inception in 2017. To bring listeners up to speed, David built his career in executive search over the course of 16 years. During that time, he spent 13 years with the same company, focusing on tech. Since our chat last June, he launched the FlowerHire X application platform. David told Benzinga he created FlowerHire X, to help job seekers understand what type of job in cannabis is relevant for them and help companies hire the right type of folks in the right type of job to unlock the potential of their workforce and reduce turnover. We talk about this new platform and the solutions he hopes this will provide.


A 2020 industry report from Leafly shows job growth in the cannabis industry rising by roughly 15% through the year to about 240,700 jobs in the U.S. alone, which follows 2019’s staggering increase of more than 40%. Benzinga went on to write that an often-overlooked dynamic in this process of rapid-fire decision-making is the question of who is being empowered to make these decisions. Finding leaders and staff who understand enough about a nascent industry to find success in it is difficult enough, let alone an industry with as many unknowns and pitfalls as cannabis that threaten to kneecap a business before it even gets off the ground. David recently predicted to Commercial Observer that it would take years for New York’s cannabis supply chain to ramp up enough to meet demand. The current medical marijuana program allowed for very limited marijuana cultivation in state-approved facilities, and only patients with chronic, life-threatening conditions like cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s, and AIDS qualify for medical marijuana cards.