GrowFlow with Travis Steffen

GrowFlow with CEO, Travis Steffen today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest is the bestselling author of Viral Hero: How To Build Viral Products, Turn Customers Into Marketers, And Achieve Superhuman Growth. He is a serial entrepreneur with 7 successful exits (and a few crash-and-burn failures) to his name. He now serves as CEO of GrowFlow, a cloud-based software suite for cannabis businesses. We start by talking about GrowFlow. Travis told Warren Bobrow at Forbes: “Many companies – both in and outside of our sector – outsource support to other countries, or to third party teams that do things really cheaply and follow a script. We’ve done things differently by almost exclusively hiring former industry operators in these roles. They know the lingo, the pain points the customers have, and how our products can solve them. It was a significant investment to hire domestically-located specialists for these roles, but it’s paid off in a big way. Beyond that, we try not to pay too much attention to what the competition is doing because we have no visibility into how they make decisions or how those decisions are working for them.” Travis recently launched “GrowFlow Live Marketplace” to Seamlessly Connect Cannabis Buyers and Sellers Through Compliant Transactions. This will enable wholesalers to grow businesses and revenue and retailers to streamline the buying process and discover new products.


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