Leading The Renegade And Outlaw Industry Into A Reputable Business Model

Today on Blunt Business our host Sean Eubanks is joined by Erin Phillips the president and chief executive officer at Strainwise Consulting. Erin is recognized as having consulted on and obtained the first recreational cannabis sales license in the world for one of her clients, The Annie’s: A STRAINWISE® Branded Dispensary in Central City, CO. She has led the renegade and outlaw industry into a reputable business model which is both sustainable as well as mainstream.

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By accomplishing this daunting task, she has become THE visionary in the cannabis space. With a rare combination of 13 years experience in the mortgage industry as a business owner, audit and funding leader, title company closing executive, mortgage loan expert, and loan originator, Erin has become an expert in start-ups, leadership and what it takes to succeed in the cannabis space. Erin brings years of branding, retail sales experience, advertising, marketing, and operational guidance to those seeking to establish, expand, or rehabilitate their cannabis businesses.