Maintain Compliance In Cannabis

Maintain compliance in cannabis with James Minutello, CEO of LeafLogix. Our next guest has 25 years of experience building high growth tech and logistics companies. He represents an ERP solution company servicing many of the largest MSOs in the cannabis industry. Leaflogix is available across 37 states and three continents, allowing clients to maintain compliance with business growth, and have remained 100% compliant since inception. James spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about the company’s seed-to-sale software platform and thinking globally. They reported during the pandemic, your company has worked closely with its customers and focused on remaining agile. He also added approximately 15 to 20 full-time team members during the pandemic to help handle its growth.

Maintain Compliance

They added that the company has created an agile, robust platform that is designed to handle a high volume and cater to its customers across the globe in an industry characterized by constant change. Forbes reported that “Considering the potential onslaught of expansion opportunities in the next year, LeafLogix believes that it has the infrastructure, experience, and resources to help competitive MSOs establish themselves in lucrative new markets.” LeafLogix has already proved their agility with quick adaptations amid the pandemic, including reserve ahead, curbside pickup, and contactless and cashless payment. In the meantime, however, the company remains focused on reinforcing its infrastructure to serve a more modern and tech-driven cannabis industry.