Morning Dough with CEO Itay Paz

Morning Dough with CEO Itay Paz today on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest is an entrepreneur, an international speaker, and a world expert in digital marketing and affiliate marketing helping entrepreneurs & business owners worldwide to grow their businesses using the power of the internet. When we met our guest he was hosting an affiliate conference in Israel called Affilicon. Israel has a very active cannabis market and a lot of research is being conducted. We talk about his entry into incorporating cannabis into the digital marketing ecosystem. In June 2019, you hosted a session on Digital Marketing and Cannabis at the DMIExpo Digital & Affiliate Conference which he held in Israel.

Morning Dough

When describing the panel, he wrote: “Cannabis holds an interesting grey space in the market right now. In some places it is legal, but in other places, it is still not legal.” Digital marketing and cannabis have an interesting relationship. As stated before, cannabis is not legal everywhere. In addition, if you want to advertise online, there are a few big players in the game, namely Google and Facebook, that will not let you directly advertise cannabis on their platforms. Fortunately, there are alternatives that allow you to bypass the rules of Google and Facebook. Firstly, it is important to understand that digital marketing for cannabis is not really any different than digital marketing for any other product or service. You need to practice good SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. If you don’t, it does not matter what you are advertising, you are bound to fail.