National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services with Alex Hearding

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association

National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services with Chief Risk Management Officer Alex Hearding today on Blunt Business only on The Cannabis Radio. Our next guest represents the market leader in US cannabis risk management assessment, education and consultation affirms expansive growth and mounting industry impact.

You may recognize them from his appearances on NCRMA’s Chronic Risk series here on Cannabis Radio. Many of the risks cannabis businesses face are because the industry lacks clear standards and guidelines. It is every operator’s responsibility to be able to identify and mitigate risk, as every individual business makes an impact on the overall success of the industry as it grows. Its mission is to provide solutions designed to identify and mitigate threats that can be detrimental to your business goals, brand, and reputation.

When NCRPS was launched last August, Rocco stated “Since entering cannabis, the connecting theme of our businesses has revolved around the Theory of Abundance. Simply interpreted, before being concerned about dividing the pie, one must first determine its ultimate size. In cannabis, anytime someone does something to improve the sustainability of the market without concerning themselves about its ‘competition’, they, in fact, increase the size of the pie.

NCRPS will make the pie bigger with resilient risk mitigation and management product offerings.” We talk about the level of prioritization that cannabis companies should have within their respective operations.

Alex’s team has facilitated the development of a comprehensive risk assessment tool, CRP2™, that produces a full business framework assessment series of risk scores. These scores form the basis for customized NCRMA-developed and sanctioned education and consultation that drive improvement and better placement in the limited cannabis financial, banking, and insurance markets. Together we go behind the variables that are calculated by this scoring system.