Nirvana Group with CEO Arshad Lasi

Nirvana Group with CEO Arshad Lasi today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs one of the most prominent and well-known cannabis companies in Oklahoma, which boasts a sprawling 30-acre cultivation facility, 3,000 square foot production center, wholesale distribution company, multiple house brands, and an ever-expanding roster of medical dispensaries. Delays in implementing Oklahoma’s “seed-to-sale” tracking system for medical marijuana have sowed confusion for businesses in the fast-growing cannabis industry as law enforcement authorities step up their enforcement efforts for illicit marijuana products. Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana in 2018 under State Question 788. Most states with legal medical or recreational cannabis markets have some type of tracking system to verify that products are grown, processed, transported, and sold under the law.


The state’s seed-to-sale system was part of House Bill 2612, the so-called “unity bill,” in 2019. There is broad agreement among cannabis businesses that seed-to-sale is needed to ensure legal products and enable quicker consumer recalls if there are health or safety problems with a particular product. But how the state chose its vendor and how much businesses should bear the costs of regulation has split many in the industry. What’s interesting is that the state’s seed-to-sale system was part of House Bill 2612. This law requires a seed-to-sale system but doesn’t require businesses to use Metrc LLC, the Florida-based vendor that won the bid for the system in September. More than a dozen other states with legal cannabis markets use Metrc for their seed-to-sale systems.