Providing Medicinal Cannabis Oil To Pediatric And Adult Patients

Today on Blunt Business Sean Eubanks is joined by Stormy Simon. former president of Stormy Simon joined in the heady days of 2001 when the Internet was new to most consumers and company had fewer than 100 employees. She went from temp to PR chief to branding VP – you may remember her appearance in those “It’s all about the O” commercials – and ultimately rose to become president in 2014.


Two years later, she left it all to embark upon a surprising new career: consulting for companies in the cannabis industry. Simon currently serves on the advisory board at CannaKids, which provides medicinal cannabis oil to pediatric and adult patients with illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s. Simon explains why she pivoted from e-commerce to cannabis – despite her friends’ proclamation it was “career suicide” – and reveals the one question people should ask themselves before entering this burgeoning industry.