Providing Quality Medical Cannabis Products And Now Recreational Product

Today on Blunt Business our host is joined by The Clinic Colorado CEO Ryan Cook and Director of Cultivation Josh Malman. The Clinic has been around since late 2009. Committed to providing quality medical cannabis products and now recreational product in our 4 medical and 3 recreational dispensaries. The Clinic started raising money for the MS Society early in 2010.  We have several employees that are directly affected by the disease.


We have been influential in the MS Society changing their stance on cannabis as an MS therapy and have raised over $500,000 for the Colorado/Wyoming chapter of the MS Society.  This has been done primarily by our MS Walk team and our annual charity golf tournament. The Clinic is also operating in Illinois, where we run 4 dispensaries and two cultivation licenses.  The Clinic also has partners in New York and Nevada and is looking to expand into California in the coming year.