Safe Hemp and CBD Products with Jonathan Miller

Safe hemp and CBD products with Jonathan Miller General Counsel of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and Member-In-Charge at the Frost Brown Todd Law Office in Washington, D.C. today on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest serves as general counsel for the hemp industry’s national advocacy organization, a coalition of dozens of leading companies and organizations committed to safe hemp and CBD products. From a recent press release, The U.S. Hemp Roundtable applauds the California Legislature for its overwhelming passage of AB 45, which will explicitly permit the retail sale of products containing non-intoxicating hemp-derived extracts and cannabinoids, such as CBD. Upon signature from Governor Gavin Newsom, the era of CBD prohibition in California will come to an end.


The bill’s genesis came in July 2018 when the California Department of Public Health issued guidance arguing that it was illegal to sell CBD products in California as dietary supplements and food and beverage additives. Pursuant to this guidance, dozens of retail stores and product manufacturers were raided by local and state public health officials who demanded products be withdrawn from shelves, and sometimes seized the products and issued citations. Subsequently, the department added CBD cosmetics and topicals to the prohibition. Now with the passage of AB 45, Jonathan said “After more than three years of stops and starts and difficult negotiations, the era of CBD prohibition in California will soon be over. Retailers and product manufacturers will no longer have to fear embargoes and product seizures. Consumers will have access to products that promote their health and wellness. And most importantly, California hemp farmers will see a wide opening of opportunity for their crops, as the nation’s largest wellness market is now open for sale.”