Senior-High with Karen Lustman and Lewis Lustman

Senior-High with Karen Lustman, founder and CEO, and Lewis Lustman, Chief Marketing Officer today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guests run a woman-owned health and wellness company that advocates for safe and effective cannabis products for seniors. They recently opened their website at providing information that enables seniors to confidently choose the right cannabis products to help relieve sleeplessness, aches and pains, anxiety, and other ailments common to seniors. Karen stated “We’re thrilled to offer seniors a site designed by seniors specifically for seniors. There are more than 90 million seniors in the U.S., an enormous segment that is aware that cannabis can help with the problems that accompany growing older but lack a great deal of basic information. ” The target market for S-H is those regarded as Baby Boomers or older This demographic is largely ignored by the cannabis industry. Senior High believes that prior to the pandemic the majority of Boomers+ relied on getting cannabis purchase advice from friends, various third-party information sources, or dispensary employees they grew to trust.


The “Amazonification” of cannabis has been taking place more rapidly since March 2020 and the beginning of the pandemic in the United States. Over 50% of cannabis orders are now placed online for pick-up or delivery. Seniors need a trusted resource like S-H to provide the education and information needed to make informed purchase decisions. Health experts (whom InsideHook never bothered did not bother to interview and as for the New York Times I couldn’t read thanks to their paywall) are mainly worried about short-term concerns, especially during the pandemic. Cannabis consumption can affect motor skills and impair judgment. Aging Americans may be more likely to take a tumble and break a bone while under the influence. It’s also difficult for seniors to register whether THC has entered their bloodstream: older metabolisms are slower metabolisms. That can make it easy to overdo it. The key here, until the scientists are able to lock down some data at least, is to moderate consumption (in terms of amount and frequency), to smoke or ingest in a safe or supportive environment, and try to avoid mixing with alcohol.