Stillwater Marijuana-Infused Tea To Reduce Stress

Today on Blunt Business Sean is Joined by Jeremy Goldstein COO and Co-Founder of Stillwater. The Stillwater Marijuana-Infused Tea is designed to help reduce stress with THC and the natural goodness of tea. With each serving containing 2.5mg of THC, the tea is intended to help a person relax after a stressful day in a natural way instead of reaching for a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage. A few years ago, the co-founder’s grandmother asked him to procure her some marijuana. Apparently, it was all the rage amongst her friends, and between her diabetes and her husband’s Parkinson’s, she was ready to try anything that could help.


She hated smoking, vaping confused her, and half the people she knew who had tried an edible had overdone it in a terrifying way. So, frightened but hopeful, she asked her grandson for help. As it happened, a law school friend had left the law to become a baker, and she was able to supply a brownie from her inventory. But, like most edibles, it was far too potent for safety. 100mg of THC in a single square was a recipe for disaster. So he sat in the kitchen and meticulously sliced that brownie into 20 pieces, sealed each in a plastic bag, and gave them to his grandmother with directions to eat half a piece at a time.