Terra Vera with CEO Carlos Perea

Terra Vera with CEO and Co-Founder Carlos Perea today on Blunt Business only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs a revolutionary agricultural technology company, which is now offering innovative solutions to replace conventional pesticides and increase product safety and consumer confidence within the cannabis industry. Using patented technologies compliant with EPA regulations, Terra Vera is offering cannabis companies a safe, effective, and sustainable approach to rid crops of contaminants while preserving the quality and yield of their products. Unwanted pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause significant crop loss. In cannabis, one-third of crops are affected by microbial contamination at any time, and operators may experience yield loss of up to 30 percent due to biological contaminants. Most available solutions to control and eliminate pathogens on crops are toxic or have dangerous byproducts.

Terra Vera

We’ve talked to various guests on a number of solutions to remove yeast and mold, or using RFID tagging when evaluating plants. Terra Vera’s proven platform technology, which is modeled after the U.S. military’s approach to treating drinking water to EPA standards, is a safe and compliant alternative that is non-toxic for people and the environment. The technology mimics humans’ natural biological process for fighting infections by converting organic, inert compounds into an antimicrobial solution that is safe on live tissue, yet effective at inactivating pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi.