The Cannabis Industry’s Hardest Hitting Issues

The Cannabis

The Cannabis Industry’s Hardest Hitting Issues with Bryan McLaren (Zoned Properties, Inc.), Durée Ross (Durée & Company), and Sheri Orlowitz (Artemis Holdings Group LLC) today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio. In this episode, Jorge asks each of the guests their takes on each of the cannabis industry’s hitting issues. They weigh in on a handful of different topics based on their professional expertise.

Bryan McLaren runs a publicly traded, strategic real estate development firm for emerging and highly regulated industries and has accrued over a decade of experience in the social, economic, and environmental development of complex business organizations with a focus on sustainability in emerging industries.

Durée Ross has since been setting the bar for excellence in PR, serving the corporate, agency, and nonprofit arenas for local, national, and international clients. An award-winning entrepreneur, she has been nationally recognized for her ability to develop winning strategies and successfully deliver creative campaigns for clients. Her firm’s work in the cannabis space has resulted in a growing list of clients, from processing facilities to consumer products sold in big-box retailers.

Sheri Orlowitz is an experienced entrepreneur, venture capitalist, turn-around expert, board director, corporate leader, attorney, and former federal prosecutor. She represents an organization that will speak about, looking to “ensure that federal regulations are informed by and grounded in science, best business practices, sound public policy, and social justice principles.”