The First ISO Accredited Cannabis Lab

The first ISO accredited cannabis lab with Antonio Frazier, President of CannaSafe. Our next guest oversees the first ISO accredited cannabis lab in the world, and the #1 accredited cannabis testing lab in California. He is also an Executive Committee Board Member of The American Council of Independent Laboratories Cannabis Working Group. Antonio recently co-wrote a letter on behalf of the ACIL outlining the deficiencies in California cannabis regulations and suggestions for no-cost improvements. So he lays out what he’s looking for to help improve California’s cannabis industry to make it safer for consumers without increasing costs. The ACIL has noticed cannabis companies trending away from a focus on quality and safety and towards receiving favorable results, such as a lack of contaminants and higher potency, and lower pricing. In more mature markets, this trend has already led to the suffering of honest laboratories and the questioning of the cannabis industry as a whole. An FDA report on the CBD marketplace titled Sampling Study of the Current Cannabidiol Marketplace to Determine the Extent That Products are Mislabeled or Adulterated revealed that many of the products tested contain THC that was not identified on the labels. In addition, a majority of the products did not meet label claim for CBD content, with either too little or too much CBD. It details poor quality control and undisclosed THC in many CBD products.

The First ISO

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