The Impacts Of Legal Cannabis Sales

The Impacts Of Legal Cannabis Sales

The impacts of legal cannabis sales with Cy Scott, Founder, and CEO of Headset. Today we welcome the Founder of CEO of Headset, the leading provider of data and analytics to the cannabis industry, who recently announced the launch of an ongoing weekly report to make sense of the impacts of legal cannabis sales. The report provides a week-to-week overview, of how cannabis sales are affected by changes in regulations, consumer sentiments, and economic trends. Cy said “The COVID-19 pandemic has created a dynamic and shifting cannabis retail landscape. We felt the best way we could help our clients was to provide them with a better understanding of changing customer purchasing behaviors in order for them to supply their needs safely.”

The Impacts

One of the first findings made was a peak in sales immediately after the national emergency was declared. Sales across the U.S. started surging again on 4/15, likely due to the rollout of federal stimulus checks. These strong sales volumes continued through the weekend leading up to 4/20. With the economy starting to reopen we talk about what kind of trends Cy sees going forward in regards to an economic recovery industry-wide.

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