Tommy Chong Joins Blunt Business

Tommy Chong joins Blunt Business to talk about his new collaboration with Rosinbomb on the new limited-edition Tommy Chong Rocket rosin press. The actor, musician, comedian, activist, and cultural icon also chimes in on the passage of adult-use cannabis legalization in New York state and how it could lead to nationwide legalization.

Plus, Tommy also gives his take on the new collaborative lobbying efforts for cannabis (with the assist of Tobacco and Alcohol) and what effects if any it could have on the industry going forward, and how more influencers versus celebrities are making an impact on the marketing front. Finally, he reflects on new marketing efforts in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Cheech and Chong.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong co-wrote and performed on many Cheech & Chong comedy albums, two of which were nominated for Best Comedy Album Grammy Awards. He also directed four of the duo’s films, while co-writing and starring in all seven with Cheech Marin. Cheech & Chong, while a very successful comedy act, split in 1985 due to creative differences and Marin’s desire to focus on a mainstream acting career. This began a difficult time for Chong. He did not act regularly until filling the recurring role (later a regular role) as the fun-loving, aging hippie “Leo” (similar to his Chong character) on That ’70s Show. Chong was absent during the fifth and sixth seasons of the show as he was serving a brief jail sentence; upon his release, he returned to the series for its final two seasons. He also played a role as a hippie in Dharma and Greg.