Turning Point Brands with Eric Anwar and Lorenzo De Plano


Turning Point Brands with Eric Anwar and Lorenzo De Plano today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio. This week we welcome back some return guests. They market one of the most widely sold cannabis adjacent products on the market. We’re happy to welcome back the team from Turning Point Brands, the makers of Zig Zag.

We spoke with Eric last August, and his team has not stopped with the new products. Let’s focus on a few, starting with his highly-anticipated Rose Cones & Wraps deemed a healthier alternative for consumers. Zig Zag has also launched a collection of Terpene Cones made from premium hemp and infused with hand-selected terpenes that offer the best flavor profile pairing. The terpene-infused cones feature four infused selections: Grand Daddy Purp, Limoncello, Shortcake, and Clementine.

We talk about Zig-Zag’s new digital media platform with the Zig-Zag Studio, adding a variety of original content. Turning Point Brands launched several new Zig-Zag Studios original content series. We start with their Studio Session series with Atlantic Records R&B recording artists Ogi (Oh-gee) and Sleepy Hallow (who went viral with his chart-topping hit 2055). Eric also has a companion video series called Through My Lens which features visual creators.

We talk about some of the team that he has brought on to work on this project. Also in the Zig Zag studio realm earlier this year you released The 1879 Collection – Zig-Zag’s first high-end fashion capsule drop with a range of limited-edition apparel and accessories exclusively available on ZigZag.com, with only 150 units of each style available. You have sold out a lot of these items.